Final Pitches - Industry 4.0 Hackathon

Wenn die factory300 3 Tage lang bis ans letzte Eck mit hochqualifizierten Tech-Startups gefüllt ist, die in nur 48 Stunden dringend notwendige Lösungen für Österreichs Leitbetriebe um die Wette entwicklen, dann kann es sich dabei nur um eines handeln: Es ist wieder Industry 4.0 Hackathon time!

Sei dabei, wenn die Projektteams am dritten Tag ihre Lösung präsentieren und die Sieger gekührt werden. Anschließend folgt – wer hätte es anders gedacht: Networking, Networking und schließlich Networking.

Tickets gibts hier!


The Hackathon:

Industry 4.0 encompasses changes along the whole production value chain leading to the higher efficiency and flexibility. At the Hackathon startups have an opportunity to make a step into the future of Industry 4.0 by solving specific real-life challenges of partner companies in 3 days:


Virtual Molding: 
A synergy of digital twin and real-world data. Development of a dashboard combining measurement with simulation data including a visualization of an injection molding machine.

Technologies & Tools 
Dashboard Development, Data Analytics, Integrated Data Management, Digital Twin, 3D Model, Graphical Visualisation of Data, Machine Simulation, Connecting Data Sources


Intelligent Welding Assistance System: 
Knowledge management system to guide the welders and welding supervisors through the process at the right time on the job.

Technologies & Tools 
Machine Communication, Individual Software Solution, Knowledge Management Platform, Communication Tools, 3D Modeling, Remote Maintenance, AR/VR, Big Data Management


Digital Furnace Experience:
A mobile user interface module visualizing and monitoring the operation to see and filter relevant machine and process data as well as to trigger certain actions.

Technologies & Tools 
Machine Learning, Big Data, VR, Sensors, 3D Modeling, User Interface, Visualization of the Operation, Augmented reality experience


Manufacturing Big Data Analytics: 
Identification of coherences from unstructured manufacturing data of plasma coating the high-tech premium powersport engines.

Technologies & Tools 
Big Data Analytics, Remote Maintenance, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Management, Sensors Data